Interior Shades

Interior Shadings

For too long motorized shading accessories have been plagued with bad design, poor quality and difficult installations. As modern entrepreneurs and master innovators, MaestroShield® understands the potential size and scope of the shading industry as well as the need to develop a better product that will be embraced and celebrated by all. In order to accomplish our goal, we brought together industry expert designers, installers, dealers and customers to understand the current problems with motorized shading systems. Once those problems were identified, our engineers got right to work creating solutions.

AUTOMATION | MaestroShield® motors and electronics are innovation at its best. Designed in-house by American and Swedish engineers, these industry leading components are the perfect marriage of power, precision and integration. With multiple configurations available, the agility of this system puts it in a class of its own. Designed and tested with quality in mind MaestroShield® motors and electronics will add convenience and movement to meet your shading and screening needs.

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RETRACTABLES by MaestroShield is a Do-It-Yourself system.

This system will provide the flexibility and freedom to create your own retractable, whether it be an exterior solar screen, interior shading, projection screens, retractable banner adds, RV shades, or marine shades the Do-It-Yourselfers can do it.

The list of projects that RETRACTABLES can add value to is endless.

DIY type of people create and design projects that are specific to their needs innovating and using products for purposes outside the box it was intended, leaving the RETRACTABLES to only be limited by their imagination.

All items are packaged together.

A. One (1) 1nm Lithium Battery Operated Motor with Built-In Receiver
B. One (1) Battery Charger for 1nm Motor
C. Two (2) Adjustable 3×3 Single Bracket
D. One (1) Idler Bearing Female Connector with Spring Adjust
E. One (1) Idler Insert 1.5”
F. One (1) Snap on Motor Bracket for 1nm Motor
G. One (1) Single Channel Remote Hand Held or Wall Mount
H. One (1) Crown and One (1) Drive for 1nm Lithium Battery Motor

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Quality is more than a word at MaestroShield. It is our way of thinking and doing business.